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We want you to be as informed about your landscape as possible. Feel free to visit the following pages.

The Montana Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA) serves the public by working with various horticulture trades, state agencies, and others to develop and improve standards which help their members offer quality plant materials and services to the public. They believe that establishing industry standards and educating individuals working in horticulture serves to provide the public with better products and expertise.

MSU Extension guides have current information in a concise format on topics relevant to you. Information is available in both HTML and PDF formats.

The Urban Alert systems are intended for rapid communication of information from Montana State University Extension specialists to individuals involved in agriculture and horticulture. Alerts include information on pests, plant diseases, insects, weeds, and other timely topics.

Services provided by the Schutter Diagnostic Lab include diagnosis of plant diseases, insect damage, and environmental plant problems, as well as visual assessment of herbicide injury to plants. They also provide identification services for plants, insects, and mushrooms and give management recommendations when needed.

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