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Whether you have a new yard that needs a design or just wish to update areas of your present landscape, Forde Nursery will work with you on a program of development by preparing a detailed, personalized landscape plan.


     Your plan, drawn to scale, shows the exact location and identifies the species all of your plantings

     You can complete your landscaping project in stages as your budget or time allows

     From this plan, Forde Nursery will be will be able to give you an accurate estimate of all the costs involved

     The plan eliminates costly "trial and error" mistakes

     Should you choose to do the work yourself, you will be able to easily follow the detailed plan

     Utilizing Computer-aided design (CAD), we can quickly and inexpensively make changes when required even years down the road

     The staff at Forde Nursery is available year-round to help with any questions or concerns

If you are considering having a landscape plan drawn, please read the following information on how this process works.

The Landscape Design Process

Forde Nursery's designers have many years of experience and are trained to develop customized plans that are site specific and fit the individual needs of the homeowner. Because every client and their property are unique, there is no such thing as an average or "one size fits all" landscape design. Forde Nursery's designers use computer aided design (CAD) programs which enables them to draw plans precisely - and less expensively - compared to conventional methods.



The design process typically begins with the designer meeting you at your property in order for you to communicate any ideas or concerns that will need to be addressed in the landscape plan. Based on the information you provide, the designer will be able to give you an estimate of the design's cost at this time. If you decide to have us go ahead with the design, your designer will do an analysis of existing site conditions (soil type, existing plantings, sun and wind exposure, drainage, etc.) and measure your property.

It is important to give your designer as much information as possible concerning any preferences you may have in regard to types of plants, flower color, views you would like to retain or screen, or anything else you feel he/she should be aware of when laying out your design. While landscaping in Montana requires a certain amount of practicality, we encourage our customers to dream about the many possibilities in their landscape.

We would also encourage you to visit our nursery to familiarize yourself with available plant materials by checking out our multiple display gardens, brochures, etc.



Taking the information gathered during the site visit, your designer will put together a preliminary design. This plan will show the size and shape of the planting beds; the location of trees and other critical plantings; and major features, such as, decks, sidewalks, and fences. The purpose of this meeting is to make sure the design is headed in the right direction and to address any concerns that may have arisen since the initial site visit. Your input at this time will allow the designer to finish the plan to your specifications.

We prefer to hold this meeting at our nursery which gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the various plant and hardscape materials to be used in your design. You will see in person the leaves, flowers, texture, and shape of the plants, as well as, the various sizes available to you.

With smaller or more straight-forward designs, we are able to skip over the preliminary design phase and go directly to the final design.



From what your designer learns at the preliminary design meeting, he/she can return to the drawing board to make any agreed upon alterations and complete your plan. Changes can be handled with a minimal amount of additional drawing time through the use of the computer. Upon completion of the plan, an accurate estimate of your landscaping can be prepared. Your designer will then set up a meeting with you to go over the final design and the costs involved.

If no other changes are required, the formal design process is complete. The designer can now schedule any work you would like done professionally by Forde Nursery. Or, if you are inclined to do the work yourself, our experts will guide you through the entire landscaping process.

The cost of these plans is charged based upon an hourly rate/fee.


Note: If you are thinking of having a design drawn or landscaping done, please contact us early because the spring and summer months are very hectic and it may take some time to complete your design.

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